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Mena Mountain Getaway:: Fesh Air, Family & Quilting

Our weekend was one steeped in fresh air, family, and quilting.   a few fridays ago we headed off to mena, arkansas to visit the mr. honey’s lovely parents, along the way we spent hours day-dreaming about HONEY HILL and this amazing place we will someday call home.

the drive was lovely…the leaves were at the end of the fall color peak, but they scenery was breathtaking nonetheless!!!  we enjoyed the vibrant colors of the towering trees; pines, maples, dog woods, sweet gum, hickory, white oak, red oak and many others.  there is sense of gratefulness that washes over us are we drive through the mountains and breathe the fresh air.  God created a beautiful  paradise for us to enjoy, and we are blessed to be able to have this place to escape to.

mr. honey and i spent most of our time talking about the quilting and fabric business we hope to run from this paradise, and the home we hope to build in the not too distant near future.  as our future becomes more clear to us we become super excited about all of the possibilities!!  i can’t wait to wake up in this wonderful place on a daily basis and use it as the backdrop for my quilting dreams. i did manage to get some quilting in while we were away…have bernina, will travel!  🙂

so, enjoy the pictures of HONEY HILL, and imagine with us, our future planted right  in the middle of this beautiful place.

be creative and be blessed!


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