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Fancypants Friday

hey, ya’ll, it FANCYPANTS FRIDAY!!!  welcome to the first friday where we set aside a day to celebrate things that are…well, FANCY.

Because we all need a little inspiration towards the end of the week, we will begin ringing in the weekend with a weekly blog highlighting all the fancy things that get our wheels turning.  we will see all kinds of things here; fabric, vintage treasures, quilt blocks, completed quilts, pretty scenery, anything else that inspires us to create.  i say “us” because i’d like this to be an interactive feature, i’d love for you to participate by leaving comments or emailing me links to things that inspire YOU.  I will use your suggestions in future FANCYPANTS FRIDAY features, so please be sure to share anything you think is fancy…well maybe not anything.  😉

Today’s feature revolves around some of the items that my family has given me over the years.  my grandmother had these wonderful old pinking shears that i use to think were quite amazing as a kid.  i used to think it was so neat when she would cut a pattern out with them, they would leave this nice crisp zig-zaggy cut that just made me smile.  Plus, you got quite a work out using those suckers, because they are super heavy!

The next item is very close to my heart and i almost cry every time i see it.  my granny was a coffee drinker like no other.  that woman could be working out in the yard in 100 degree weather and she would come inside and have a cup of coffee to take a break!  she drank coffee from sun up till sun down, when it was freezing and when it was blistering hot outside, before a meal and after…she LOVED her some coffee.  She also loved african violets almost as much as she loved coffee.  there is never a time that i can remember going to her house that she didn’t have at least one african violet in the kitchen window.  the grand-daughters loved to “pet” the leaves, and she let us, even though she know we would probably be too rough.  the pictures below are of the chipped and broken coffee cup that my granny liked to drink out of.  the cup and saucer are from different patterns and are different colors, but it didn’t matter because drinking out if it made her happy, and she thought it was fancy! i think it’s fitting that the denise schmidt’s HOPE VALLEY fabric is nestled in this fancy cup…a fancy fabric needs a fancy place to perch.

The last is a beautiful baby bottle that my mom gave me my first son was born.  i love the way the waterford crystal pattern looks like a diamond quilt.  looking at this little lovely makes me want to break out the aunt grace reproductions i bought yesterday and make a sweet new baby quilt.  BAM!  just like that i’m inspired!!!  now i know what i’ll be working on this weekend. 😀

So, enjoy the first FANCY PANTS FRIDAY, and don’t forget to  leave some comments for next week’s feature.

Be creative and be blessed




  1. Aunt Linda says:

    What a sweet blog! (I too loved your granny… my aunt.) You are one talented girl and we are praying for Gods direction and His blessings in your ‘VINTAGE STITCHING”!

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