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Flora and Fauna Bits

today i lusted…over little red humming birds.  one of my princess friends needed a new mug rug, so i did what any good friend would do, and i whipped one right up!  yeah right, you say…and i’d have to agree. I’ll tell the truth now.

earlier in the week when i was sorting my scraps i can across some of my favorite group of fabrics and decided to put these precious jewels to good use.  oh, patty young, i so love these little red birdies.  what in the word am i going to do when i can’t get my hands on this fabric anymore.  must find more now, must find more now, must find more now….

princess rhonda, i sure hope you enjoy this little beauty.  i’ll meet you at babe’s and trade you chicken for a mug rug!!!



  1. Rhonda Burns says:

    Deal!!! OH I remember the first time you showed me that fabric, I love, Love, LOVE IT! XOXOXO

  2. Rhonda Burns says:

    AND Thank you for calling me a princess, they’re so much younger than a queen.

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