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Lovin’ Me Some Bees

wow, i don’t know about you, but this past week has been crazier than ever for me!  it seemed like time slipped away from me all week, however i did manage to get a little bit of flickering and a little bit of sewing in.

since i don’t know anyone personally that shares my love of quilting, i decided to venture out into the fabulous world of on-line quilting bees.  my hope is that i will meet some great new friends and learn a few new tricks.  i signed up for two virtual bees:

Aqua and Orange Bee

Simply Modern Quilt Bee 2

the aqua and orange bee is a group of ladies in love with the look of aqua and orange!  pretty self explanatory, huh?  we saw our first package of lovely fabric arrive last week, and what a joy it was do see melissa’s choices!  i can’t wait to get my pictures of my blocks posted.  i spent sunday afternoon making some seriously cute wonky log cabin blocks.  Picture soon, promise!  i did take some time to do a little A&O shopping for myself, and it looks like i’m going to be going down the 30’s reproductions road when my turn comes.  oh, how i love me some VINTAGE. 🙂  mr. froggy spent some time contemplating my choices, and i think he concurs.

i also sent my first set of complete blocks for the simply modern quilt bee 2 to manda .  i had so much fun playing with the kona eggplant she sent, and i have to tell you, that purple is appealing to me more and more every day.  my cousin is mainly to blame for my new addiction to purple, but i’ll save that for another post.  😉

manda’s fabric selection was great and i enjoyed my first time making a spiderweb quilt block.  i can’t wait to see what her quilt looks like when it’s finished!

well, must go rest my weary head.  have a great quilting day tomorrow, my friends.

be creative and be blessed.


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