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Vintage Notions with a Touch of Fabric

well, i’m finally getting a chance to share my amy karp adventure with you.  for those of you that don’t know amy, she’s my rockin’ photog bestie from dallas!  seriously, she is dallas’ most talented wedding photographer, and without her this site wouldn’t exist.  she has helped me with every aspect of getting honeyhill designs launched, and i am forever grateful to have such a talented friend to collaborate with.  if you get a chance, head over to her site amy karp PHOTOGRAPHY and check out her amazing work.  divine, i tell you, utterly divine!

So the day started out with amy taking me to her secret hiding place, and man oh man was it hiding!  we carted my vintage treasures into the woods and we set off to capture on film what my eye sees when i’m surrounded by things i love.  we climbed hills, dug around for the perfect sticks, hunted for just the right tree branch and crawled around on the ground.  did i mention that it was over 90 degrees that blistering winter day?!?  We sweated like rock stars, i couldn’t be more pleased with the results!!  thanks so much for a wonderful day, amy!

i have a thing for little red chairs, not sure what that’s all about, but rest assured you will see them often in my blogs.  for example….

i also have thing for vintage spools…lots and lots of spools.  i have to hide them from mr. honey before he finds out how bad my spool habit is getting.  i can’t help it, they just call out to me as i walk by them in the antique stores.  at least i’m not bringing home stray dogs…they’re just spools, honey.

AHHHH…i might have to go look at my spools RIGHT NOW. 🙂

Last but not least there’s my granny’s old thimble.  I can remember her sewing with this thimble at night while i sat and watched.  it’s sturdy, reliable, and dainty all at the same time…just like my granny was.

there was more, much more, but i’m saving those delicious pics for the next FANCY PANTS FRIDAY.  FANCY PANTS FRIDAY will be a weekly feature of things that are, well…fancy.  check in friday for details.

until later…be creative and be blessed!


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