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Slashin’ and Mashin’::with Vespas!

i joined a new bee this month, The Aqua and Orange Bee, and i’m ever so excited!!!!  we use aqua and orange fabric to make fresh and modern quilt blocks.  we send each other fabric and we receive completed quilt block in return.

picture an envelope of luscious aqua and orange fabric arriving in your mail box at the beginning of each month.  would you be stalking the mailman; I DO?!?! 🙂  i also like to rip said envelope open before i even get in the house to see what goodies await me.  after receiving my little package from melissa, it only took me two days to start slashin’ and mashin’!!  you know, that’s what quilters do, they slash perfectly lovely fabric into little bits and them mash it back together into beautiful quilt blocks.

i decided to be a little brave and add some hotter than hot Vespas to melissa’s block!!  its a good thing she wanted to use Quilt Dad’s wonky log cabin tutorial, because i knew these little cuties had to find their way into her blocks somehow, and what a better place than right in the middle of all that yummy fabric?

melissa, i hope you like these blocks as much as i do.  they are on the way to a mail box near you soon!

be creative and be blessed.



  1. Rhonda Burns says:

    Those are super cute!!

  2. These are amazing! I love them so much! Definitely my favorite blocks so far!!!!!

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