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Fancy Pants Friday::Cookies and Quilting

there are so many images we see on a daily basis that remind us of quilting.  for instance, when i make a sandwich for lunch i am reminded of the process of making a quilt sandwich.  bread/mustard/ham translate in my mind to quilt top/spray basting/batting.  you have to get everything lined up just right or your mustard gets squished out and your ham gets all wadded up!

as i look for inspiration in quilt making i often find my mind wandering back to sweet memories.  one of my favorite childhood memories is remembering how my aunt used to make us girls fancy Christmas cookies every year.  they were these precious little gems that she spent hours and hours working on, just to have us devour them as soon as we could get our grubby little hands on them.  she did it for the smiles, she did it for the memories, and she did it because she loved us.

as the her 2 daughters and 2 nieces grew older, the cookies took the back seat, and eventually the tradition stayed tucked away in all of our memories.  that is, until my precious cousin’s baby shower!!!  my aunt spent days and days making these beautiful cookies to share with us once again.  they were a masterpiece and absolutely beautiful!  as we marveled over her artistry, and my mind wandered where it often does; to quilting.  the cookies reminded me the special baby quilt i made for my cousin.

so what do you think about that for edible artistry?  i love how there are layers of detail with color and texture and shimmer.  believe it or not, we staked our claim to our favorites and ate every last morsel…and they still tasted as good as they looked!

Next the dragon quilt was revealed.

her cookies have layers and layers of icing and piping, the dragon has layers and layers of fabric and thread piping.  it too was a labor of love, created to be a childhood memory for a tiny little baby, and given to make someone very special to me smile.

to me cookies and quilting go hand in hand.  there’s a lot a quilter can learn from a fancy cookie.

be creative and be blessed



  1. Aunt Jill says:

    You are so precious to me and you are so right. The cookies were always sweet telegrams to tell you I loved you.
    I is wonderfeul to hear that they are remembered just that way. I have just been looking through past Easter
    pictures and found so many wonderful memories going back to my childhood Easter at “sesame street park” in Dallas.
    It is actually Colorado Park, now 2 blocks from Julie’s house. The circle goes round and round and keep us all safe
    and loved inside. I love you.

  2. OKay. How in the world did you do the dragon! It is beautiful.

    • katherine says:

      Manda, thanks so much. Each different fabric has a layer of batting to give it dimension. Some layers have multiple layers; like the tummy…we wanted him fat and happy. After he was made I used a satin stitch to attach him to the purple.

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