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i’m still alive…well sorta!

where, oh where, did kaki go???

i’ve been enjoying those last few moments of childhood with the baby boy.

we did this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

i love this boy!  he’s a mama’s boy, he’s sweet, he’s smart, he’s talented, he’s smokin’ hot, and he loves me just right!!!

being away from the quilting world the last 6 weeks has been totally worth it.  we’ve shared tons of hugs and fist pumps, laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, victory and defeat.  we’ve created precious memories as we’ve closed out this chapter of our lives.  we have hope for a bright future; him venturing out into the world and me feathering my empty nest.  being a mom has been the single most important thing i will ever do with my life, and i’m totally blessed to have 3 amazing children that i adore.

i quilt, but i’m also a mom…and that takes precedence over all my hobbies, because these darlings are the best thing ever!

God has been good to me.

be creative and be blessed,



  1. Your son is smokin’ hot. At 34 and nearly twice his age I feel like a dirty old lady saying that, but you did good mama. You did good.

    • katherine says:

      Manda, do tell!!! Hahaha! Would it make you feel better to know our 38 year old hairdresser says the same thing??? The best thing about his SMOKIN hotness is he has no clue how gorgeous he is. Love that!

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