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permanent bling and opportunity

today’s Fancypants Friday is a little different, but sometimes different is good.  a few years ago i had a fancy salsa red vw bug that i loved way too much.  it was the cutest and happiest car that i ever had.  then one day the fancy bug got smashed, and a journey down the path of a jacked up neck began.

the last 20 months i’ve been working hard to get un-jacked.  on june 2nd, i went in for what i hope is my last surgery ever!  i had a 4 level ACDF; otherwise know as a Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion.  needless to say, my quilty life has been put on hold and i haven’t been able to blog, but friends i do believe i’m going to live, Praise the Lord!  🙂

check out the fancy neck collar i am privileged to wear during the hot texas summer.  do i have to tell you how flippin HOT it is ?!?!  i wear it 24/7 and it does not make me feel fancy!  my round face, fat neck, and long hair do not take kindly to being smashed and sweaty all the time. just think, when i get this sucker off it’s going to feel like i lost 30 pounds!! whoop!!!


as soon as i got to ICU and i could somewhat communicate, i told mr. honey to whip out the fancy rockstar socks…there was no way i was going to wear ugly brown scratchy socks one minute longer.  just looking down and seeing those lovely socks on my feet made me feel better. a girl’s gotta look fancy even when she’s in ICU.

pretty dang cute, huh?

check this bad boy out!!  i have a sparkly and shiny piece of permanent bling that’s holding my neck together.  be jealous, i know you want one too!  🙂  yes, you see 10 screws and one fancy 4 inch piece of titanium.  it’s crooked, but it fits me…i sew crooked, i write crooked, my mind can be a little crooked sometimes too. hahaha!

for the last 3 weeks i’ve been napping about 2-3 times a day and working on getting my strength back up.  while laying around as much a possible, i’ve been challenged not to get bored to tears.  i’ve been checking out new-to-me blogs, like Stitching by Starlight, Sisboom, BariJ, i’ve been eating up the world of Flickr…favoriting tons of new sewing projects and finding inspiration for when i can start sewing again, i’ve been sucked into the wonderful world of Pinterest…Lord help me!, and i’ve been researching embroidery.  yes, i said embroidery! as you will remember from my about me page, my granny’s embroidery is what got me started with this quilting addiction.  after much research and the purchase of a darling pattern from Sublime Stitching, i bravely put one needle forward.  i was able to sit on the couch, with the fancy neck brace on, and create!

Look at these cute little babies, they are the fanciest!!!

i haven’t even finished my first piece yet and i already know i am hooked!  i am so looking forward to combining my love of quilting with handwork.  i was always so intimidated by handwork in the past, maybe because my granny always worked big and intricate pieces, but simple and cute i think i can do!  so here’s to a wonderful opportunity to learn new things.  expect to see a lot more of me as i recover, i  have been spotty with the posts lately, but those days are over.  i’m back, baby!

be creative and be blessed,



  1. Rhonda Burns says:

    Oh Puddin…. I love you new creative outlet. AND I am so proud of you for quilting and embroidering. (did I spell that right). Almost a lost art but not with you and other talented lovelys like you on the case. Thank you sweet friend for your passion for everything…I admire it much.

  2. katherine says:

    Rhonda, you are too sweet! Imma make you something to go with that mug rug since you left me another love note! Maybe something that says Mr. Mr. on it?? Smoochies!

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