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girfriend blocks

i just had to share these cuties with you!  i made them for one of my on-line quilting bees, Simply Modern Bee 2.  wendi wanted improv blocks that look like girls, she even created a tutorial to show us how it’s done.   go to her blog and check it out, they are actually quite fun to make!  we had the freedom to be creative, so my girls are a little wonky…just like girls in the real world 🙂

let me introduce you to hanna, the little girl with junk in the trunk! she’s a girl after my own heart, just tip-toeing through the tulips.


now we have swimmin’ sally!  she’s a precious little girl with short arms and one fat leg…but she doesn’t let that keep her from floating in the ocean. 🙂  i like how her belly is kinda big.

i really had fun with these blocks and i can’t wait to see wendi’s quilt after she gets all the blocks together.

be creative and be blessed,



  1. AAAAAAAA……Yes I screamed when I saw Hanna & Sally! Oh My, I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE them so! Thank you for being so creative, this is exactly what I was thinking, all different shape, sizes and personalities make up families and circles of friends. I don’t know how I will set them in a quilt, but you can bet this quilt will be cherished! Thanks You

  2. Oh how I wish I was as tall and thin as swimming Sally! Even with one fat leg she’s adorable.

  3. katherine says:

    Wendi and Molly, thanks so much! I love these girls and they do make me laugh. Life is fun, and quilting should be fun too, right?

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