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my love affair with aqua and orange.

yes, i have a confession today, i’ve been looking at another.  there’s this color combination i just can’t seem to get enough of these days…AQUA AND ORANGE, i just can’t take my eyes off of you, baby!!!  for months now you have haunted me, and now my patience is paying off.  good girls don’t always finish last! 😉


june was my month in the flickr Simply Modern Bee 2.  I decided to send out my lovely stash of a vintage inspired aqua and orange fabrics, along with some darling vespas that make me smile.  I asked my friends to create blocks that had a circle, a vespa and the letter “K”.  I am thrilled with the results, their work is amazing and so creative!!

aren’t they amazing??  they are the sweetest blocks!!  see why i call it a love affair???  they are so fun and i can’t stop looking at them.  i just love ’em!  here is a flicker link that gives credit to all of the talented ladies that made these. i tried to embed it here, but i’m not that blog savvy yet, sorry.

august is my month in the my flicker group; Aqua and Orange Bee.  this is another group of talented ladies,  so i’m going to send out the same fabric and the same block requirements and see what kind of fun blocks they come up with.

by the way, once i receive the blocks back i will have 36 blocks of yummy goodness…and they are ALL MINE. 😀  even though i’ve made several quilts, i do not have one of my very own to snuggle under…but i will soon…and i’m not sharing…no matter how cold it gets…ever.   Whoo hooo!!!

have a joyful day!




  1. These look fabulous all together. I can’t wait to see what your other group comes up with. : )

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