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super productive week!

i am so excited to tell you that the last two weeks have been awesome! i am making great strides in my recovery, and this means I have been able to increase my sewing time a bit every few days.  PTL!!! it feels so good to be back in the saddle again and doing something besides vegging out on the couch! as much as i love chilling and social media, you can only tweet, post, flickr, and pin so much before it becomes mind numbing. the one positive thing that has come out of all of this couch-potatoness is that i’ve made quite a few new “virtual” friends that share my love of quilting.  if you haven’t checked out the online sewing community on flickr and twitter, we are missing out on lots of fun!!!!

i was able to get caught up on all of my May and June bee blocks, thankfully my bee mates were very patient with me. some of these blocks were a  challenge, but alas, i was able to overcome with help from my trusty seem ripper friend.  🙂  i think i learned that i may never, ever, ever, never want to create a mod mosaic block again. hahah!  truth be told, i may have said one or two dirty words along the way.

June was my month to host for the Simply Mondern Bee 2.  i chose aqua & orange, and challenged my bee mates to build blocks that each had a Vespa, a circle and the letter “K”.  the blocks are starting to arrive and i’m over the moon with excitement!  my quilty friends are very talented and once i have more blocks i will post them here for you to see.  i must confess, i had a little help picking out my fabrics…

i’ve also been working on a few super special secret projects that are close to my heart.  i will finish up one of them this weekend and present it to one of my loves on Sunday.  i can’t wait to share this project with you, but for now i leave you with a sneak peak of what’s to come.

as this week comes to a close, i find myself so thankful to have a passion for people and a love of quilting.  the combination of these two things in my life has brought me more joy than i knew was possible.  i’m thankful that God gives us the capacity to love and the ability to create; what a gift!

be creative and be blessed


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