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yummy hope valley and camera school

this week has been a productive one.  i chopped over 400 Hope Valley tumbler blocks for a little project i have planned, i completed and mailed all of my bee blocks for June, i packaged up 12 envelopes of aqua and orange bits to send out to my Aqua & Orange bee buddies, i sewed 30 bowtie blocks for my swap sisters. shew!!! did i mention i used all 21 prints from my Hope Valley collection and i chopped up over 400 tumbler blocks?!?!?!  Some of my best chopping to date, love those prints.  however, the highlight of my week was CAMERA SCHOOL!!!

mr. honey got me a fancy schmancy Cannon Rebel T2i last year for my birthday, and i’ve been trying to figure out how to use it ever since.  my fabulous photog buddy, Amy Karp has been showing me the ropes, and i also took advantage of a Groupon deal with Barbara at Legecy Studios to learn even more.  i learned about ISO, apeture, shutter speed, white balance, light quality, camera shake, depth of field, histograms, jpeg files, raw files, and the rule of thirds.  Impressive, huh???  i’ll have you know, i am officially off auto…and its a BLAST!!!

we all know that school involves homework, and camera school was no different.  Barbara challenged us to take pictures every day as way to hone our skills, and this is one assignment i think i’m going to like.  so, being the good student i am, and having all those luscious Hope Valley tumblers staring at me, i decided to get started.

here goes, the good, bad and the ugly…it was a rocky start, but i’m pleased with what i learned.  honestly, some of these make me laugh out loud, so feel free to bust a gut with me!!!

now tell me that’s not a yummy image!  5 minutes + 400 tumbler block + a little bit of light = i just might die. ; )

until next time,

take lots of pictures and be blessed!


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