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fancypants friday :: vintage sewing treasures

happy fancypants friday, friends!

a few weeks ago honey and i escaped the blazing Texas heat and headed to beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  if you’ve never been to this little slice of paradise in the Ozark Mountains, you need to get there ASAP!  Eureka Sprigs is perfect for visitors that like vintage shops, art galleries, yummy food and scenic views.  we rented a charming little…and by little i mean 400 square foot…rustic cabin on Lake Lucerne.  check this site out and tell me you don’t want to be there right this very minute!

 being the task driven person i am, i came on this trip with a few goals in mind;  rest, laugh, eat, stitch, and SHOP…and maybe not in that order.  🙂  i’m happy to say that my goals were met, however one of the highlights of the trip has to be the vintage sew treasures that we found at almost every turn.  the very first shop we went to, The Old Sale Barn, has to be one of the best antique stores we’ve ever been to.  i was able to add to my collection of vintage sewing treasures in a big way.  are you sitting down? do you have a tissue?  what i’m about to show you is going to knock your socks off and make your mouth water.

i stumbled upon a bag of what i thought was a hexie quilt top.  thrilled with the prospect of having a vintage hexie quilt top that someone had hand sewn, i snatched it up like nobody’s business when i saw the price was $9.  Yep, NINE dollars.  Imagine my surprise later that night day when I opened the bag and found a batch of about 100 flower petals made out of vintage fabric!!!  holy smokes…and there were scraps to make more petals!!!  i love the hexies, but finding these in the bag was like hitting gold.  nine dollars, peeps. 😛

Vintage Quilt Pieces Vintage Hexagon Quilt Top

honey, being the play along guy he is, was on the prowl from vintage sewing treasures of his own. Check out the old clothes pins, buttons and measuring sticks he found.  way to go, honey!  he especially likes the wooden one with the brass slide, he found the previous owners name on there when he was playing with it.  which leads me to one question; how in the world did the guy write his name in that tiny space?!?!?  how about the red flower buttons, aren’t they darling!?

Vintage Sewing TreasuresVintage Measuring Stick with Name

so, what do you think i should do with the hexie quilt top and the vintage flower petals?  i look at these and i am so intimidated.  i’d love to use them to make something but i’m not sure where to start.  please, please, please share your ideas and thoughts with me!!!  help a sewing sister out, y’all. 🙂

have a fancypants friday and be blessed,



  1. Jealousy. What about using those flower petals in a dresden block. Maybe a cute modern fabric to set in the applique middle?

  2. you need to get busy making dresden blocks!!! and then appliquing them to a solid…my friend just finished making a pile of dresdens and is now considering how to sash it/ finish it. she decided (i think) to do a yellow, white, yellow sashing with nine patches as keystones …..sweet
    im so jealous of your lovely finds (and your honeys) nice!!!

  3. Too cute! Make pillows out of the GFG! Also, how do I subscribe?

    • katherine says:

      Good idea!! They would make darling pillows. I have an RSS feed button on my home page or you can add my blog to your google reader.

  4. Wow! What a find! I like the idea of appliquing the petals onto a white background but Wow again – how lucky were you!!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    I LOVE the hexies. So purple. So pretty!!! What an AWESOME find!!

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