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help needed…seperation anxiety

Am I the only person that has separation anxiety when it comes to modern fabric?  am i a collector or a hoarder with my fabric collection? do i buy fabric because i’m “addicted” or because i’m really going to use it some day?  these are the thoughts that plague me when it comes to my ever growing fabric collection, and i wonder if others feel the same. I mentioned on facebook and twitter to hear what others were saying.

there are some fabrics in my stash that I can’t cut into because i know they are going to be out of print some day, and if i use them up then i won’t be able to go into my fabric closet and pet them when the mood strikes me.  it’s a totally irrational thought process, but it’s where i’m at with a few of my lovlies.  i’d rather see them on a shelf than never see them again.  kinda sounds like separation anxiety, huh?  this Patty Young Flora and Fauna print is a great example!  i am hanging on to a 1/2 yard of that sweet little hummingbird for dear life…because it’s almost impossible to find these days…and it makes me so happy to look at it.

there are designers that i know i have to buy from when they release a new line.  i have no plans on what i am going to make with them, i just know they are darling and someday the right project will come along and i will be so glad i have them.  my tastes in designs is always evolving, a year ago i was looking for super colorful and modern fabrics, and now i find myself drawn to vintage inspired lines and lines that have the cute little kids on them.

Children at Play by Sarah Jane Studios is one that is haunting me right now!!! every fabric in this line is amazing, and it’s quite possibly the best line i’ve seen to date for little boys.  click on the link to her site and you will see what i’m talking about!  this line has me on fabric overload.  i know it’s one that needs to live in my stash, and i fear it’s one that i will have separation anxiety over.

sarah jane studios fabric Children at Play

image courtesy of SarahJane Studios

let’s just say the word sale kills me when it comes to my fabric fasting.  i mean, how in the world do you walk away from designer fabrics that are spot on for your stash when they are on sale for $5 a yard?  it’s impossible.  often times i snatch those suckers up with the thought that i will some day get around to making them for my etsy shop…you know that etsy shop that i haven’t set up yet because i’m too busy making gifts for my loves???  i will have  an etsy shop…soon…and when i do those bargain fabrics will come in handy for the little lovelies i’m going to make.  that’s my story and i’m stickin’ to it!

so, tell me, how do you do it?  how do you selectively pick and chose how you are going to spend you fabric dollars when there are so many amazing fabrics out there??  how do you overcome your separation anxiety???  do you know of any clever ways to save little snippets of fabric????  how do you convince your hubby you are a collector and not a hoarder?????  please leave me tips…i could use all the help i can get!!!

i’m off to go pet my fabric collection (aka my stash).  my name is kaki and i have an “addiction”…

be creative and be blessed,



  1. I’m afraid I’ve been no help in this addiction 🙂 I bought a shot cotton bundle, made a baby quilt with it, and then bought another bundle, just because I missed it! If you figure out how to curb your enthusiasm, be sure to let me know.

  2. You just described me, except I don’t seem to find any $5.00 fabric. Some of my fabrics are at least 25 years old. I don’t want to cut into them and use them up, because then they will be all gone : ( I don’t even like them all, how sad and sick is that. Oh, that felt wonderful to admit, now if I can just get a handle on it! : )

  3. hahaha the prior comments had me in stitches.
    all i can say is, 80’s fabric.
    i am guilty of beinf afraid of cutting into my expensive modern pretties but we need to!!! i promise you, 5 yrs down the road you wont feel the same way about these fabrics and you will have missed the opportunity to use them in things you can surround yourself with until you are sick to death of them.
    mauve and hunter green ring an ugly bell?

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