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Mayday, mayday…we have a lost blogger!!!

Holy what they heck happened to Kaki???  Here’s what happened:

I’ve been spending lots of time with my precious family

I was released to go back to work

I’m back to commuting 3 hours a day

I ran head on into the 4th quarter push at the cube farm

I’ve been spending lots of time ROCKIN the Bernina!!!!

I’ve been quite frustrated that I can’t manage to squeeze in more blogging time, but that frustration is softened by the fact that my heart is full of love for my husband and kids, AND I have a day job that puts food on the table and allows me to buy pretty fabric from Pink Castle Fabrics, AND I’ve completed over 20 projects in the last 8 weeks.  WHOOP!!!  Looking back over my list, I am so thankful that my blogging roadblocks are really blessings.

Angie at Stitching by Starlight is my hero!!!  This amazing lady somehow manages to work a day job, go to school for her 10th masters degree, take care of her beautiful family, create amazing sewing projects, post REGULARLY to her blog, create tutorials for her readers, AND crack me up on twitter.  I wonder when this creative genius sleeps. 🙂

I could really use some help trying to figure out how to become more consistent with my blogging.  I have 1,876 conversation with you in my head on a monthly basis, but I cant figure out how to squeeze blogging it into my day.  Does something else have to go?  Is blogging consistency a myth?  Are you disinterested in what I have to say if you don’t hear from me every day?

Please leave me some comments an tell me what you think.  I could also use any helpful hints you are willing to share.

I’m off to go enjoy this beautiful day and this beautiful life. I’ll leave you with peak at a few things I’ve completed.

Solid Improv Quilt Block

Solid Improv Quilt Block and baby hoop

Custom Market Bags

Custom Market Bags

Misfits Embroidery Hoop

Misfits Embroidery Hoop

Snails TrailQuilt Block

Snails Trial Quilt Block

Be creative and be blessed,



  1. I think you should enjoy your life, if you feel like blogging I will stop by to check out what you have to share but I am fine if you are not writing for a day, week or month. It is really hard to keep up with everything all at once and there is no need to be stressed over blogging.

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