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Starting the week with quilt binding

Modern Quilts

This luscious stack of quilts are screaming, “Bind me, PLEASE!!!”  My agenda this week consists mostly of quilt binding, but I reserve the right to change my mind at any point.  I love quilt binging, and it feels so go to have a few projects completed up to this point. I’m looking forward to to starting the week with things I can do on in the evenings after I get home from work.

I went back to work in early September, and when I did I found that my sewing was taking a backseat to my job.  Let’s face it; my job puts food on the table, not to mention supporting my NEED to purchase cute fabric, so my job it should be a priority!  All that being said, I was missing my sewing time terribly, so it became a goal of mine to find a way to include more creativity time into my daily life.  I tried doing some piecing and working on on projects after I got home from work, but I would usually end up terribly frustrated!! My brain was pretty fried by the time I would sit down to sew, so I would usually end up making more mistakes than I did progress.

I’ve discovered, however, that hand stitching is PERFECT for week nights!  This has made a big difference in how I unwind after a long day!  Creating and stitching is a great stress reliever for me, and knowing that I have that to come home to has made a big difference in how I manage my stress.  Most of my weekend sewing time is spent trying to get my projects to the point that I will have some hand stitching to do during the week.  So, until I’m able to stitch my days away full-time, I am blessed to have the opportunity to work on my little pretties a little bit every day.

  As I was snapping the picture of my quilts waiting for binding, my precious fur baby decided to hijack my picture.  He says” girl, put that camera down and get busy binding!!”  I hope each of you have a wonderful week and that you find some hidden pockets of time to create.

Be blessed,




  1. Love what I see especially the pooch…

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