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bernie + sewing = sanity!

Hooooray!!!  I got to sew today!!!  I’m going to make it; both literally and figuratively.

My precious Bernie has a problem with her guts, and she’s been in the machine hospital for a week.  A WHOLE WEEK!!  It’s been a long and stressful week at the cube farm, and knowing my Bernie and I weren’t going to get any quality time for a few weeks was making me a sad girl.  You see, sewing helps me maintain my sanity, as I’m sure it does for may sewists.  However, I made a personal pledge to make all my Christmas gifts this year, so being without Bernie for a few weeks is simply out of the question!!

So, I did what any sewing freak would do, I convinced myself to buy a back-up machine. 😀  Love how that worked out!!!  Seriously, we are at the point where having 2 machines just makes sense for us and the custom orders we have rolling in.  So while I patiently wait for my Bernina 640 to have her guts transplanted, today I played on my new Bernina 215, otherwise known as Bessie.  She sews like butta, and she’s going to be great for basic piecing and straight line quilting!!

Here is Bessie’s first project, it’s a pincushion from the Sewn Spaces Swap on Flickr. My partner likes geometric designs, snails and hand stitching, and she wanted a pincushion she could throw on the arm of her couch when she is working away from her machine. I used Amy’s tutorial from During Quiet Time as my inspiration. There are other goodies that will go in my partner’s box, so don’t think I spilled all the beans here!!! 😀

Partner, I hope you enjoy you pincushion, and thanks so much for patiently waiting while I figured out a solution to my sewing machine crisis.

Have a wonderful week, friends!



  1. I’m jealous. I need a primary Bernina, and that cute pin cushion.

    • Manda, I have the perfect solution! You could move to Springtown and we could share…machines, not Children at Play fabric. 😛

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