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Twin Squares Quilts…the Same But Different

When I found out that my beautiful niece Pam and her sweet husband Alfredo would be having a baby,  I was thrilled for them… but then when I found out that the were having TWO BABIES…one boy and one girl…I found myself praising God for His faithfulness!!!  God blesses those that bless Him, and that’s never been more apparent to me with than it was with the birth of Alfie and Izzy on October 12, 2010.  The Twin Squares quilt project was conceived to celebrate all the joy and hope their birth brings to our family.

Soon after I learned that we were having twins, my quilty brain kicked into high gear!! I wanted to make them happy modern quilts, I wanted them to be the same but different.  No pastels, no fluffy bunnies, no abc’s & 123’s for my great-niece and great-nephew; they were cool cats and they needed cool quilts!!  There began the quest of trying to design something that worked for a boy and a girl; something that was individually theirs, but also the same…just like twins.

I headed out to the Cabbage Rose in search of something that would work, and the stars must have lined up just right because I ran head on into the Michael Miller section, and I promise I heard fireworks going off when I saw the new Zoology prints and the Ta Dots that matched!!!  I was able to use the same fabric for both quilts, and by pulling out the melon and aqua from the matching prints for the sashing, I was able to individualize the Twin Squares design.  When it came time to quilt, Iwanted to finish each quilt up with in a way that made them decidedly boyish and girly.  So Alfie got cool squares, and Izzy got cute loopy lines.

I’m proud of these quilts, but not nearly as proud as I am when I think about the special family that will receive them this week.  Pammy and Alfredo, you are an inspiration to Uncle Dale and me, and we are so thankful that God blessed you with Alfie and Izzy.  Happy {LATE} birthday precious ones!!! 🙂

Thankfully praising Him for the gift of life,



  1. What an original and fun design! So thought out and plenty of love sewn in. Well done.
    The babies are adorable!

  2. Very nice! They do look adorable!

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