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PJs & the Gifts That…Almost. Killed. Me.

What do you get when you cross one broken Bernina with one frazzled working woman, and a promise to only make handmade Christmas gifts???

You get several anxiety attacks and 23 gifts completed in 23 days! Yes, I am currently patting myself on the back pretty hard as I look back on the projects that were completed this month.  I was literally finishing gifts up to the last minutes before we opened presents.  It was a lot of work, but my precious kids seemed pretty excited with their handmade treasures.  I made 6 dish towels, 9 pot holders, 4 pin cushions, 10 pairs of PJs, 3 quilts, a sewing mat, and embroidery piece, a shower curtain, and a robe bag.  Shew!!  As I made a list of the things I completed, I realized that I forgot to get pictures of most of my projects. 🙁  I guess that just gives me another excuse to call and bug my kids!  Here are a few pictures I remembered to take.

In the midst of all the madness  we even started a new tradition; we all wore matching PJs on Christmas Eve!!!  No matter where my kids are as they establish their new adult lives, we will all go to bed on December 24th knowing that there is something soft and cozy that binds us together.  This year Honey and I went to bed with two of our little babes smuggled up under the same roof with us in Arkansas, we had two more in New York City, and one back in in Texas.  On Christmas morning I got the sweetest text messages that said Merry Christmas, and attached was a picture of them in their matching PJs.  I can’t tell you how that made me smile…knowing that miles separated us, but the simplest of gifts was binding us together.

Praying your New year is filled with many sweet blessings and lots of creative fun!!  Remember to enjoy the gifts you’ve been given.



  1. Wow..that is an insane amount of sewing!

  2. Wow, I am so glad you were able to make something for everyone you wanted to. The PJs sound lovely, what a nice family tradition. I wish you all the best for the coming year.

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