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I Spy a Pretty Pillow

Pillow Collage 3.10 final

This is a fun little pillow I made for a friend of mine in the Bee a Modern Swapper group. She is such a fun loving person and she’s also a Special Education teacher.  Having worked with at risk youth in my local church, I admire anyone who dedicates their life to helping children with special needs.  It takes a huge amount of patience and love to do what she does, so when she told me she would be using her pillow in her class room to brighten her day, I knew I wanted to make some happy, engaging and fun.

I dug through my huge pile of scraps looking for things that would make her and her students smile.  I found so many fabrics that I love; Children at Play by Sara Jane Studios, Prince Charming by Tula Pink, Sherbert Pips by Aneela Hoey, and bicycles, and butterflies, and birds and cars and letters and….  I could just imagine how much fun she and her students would be having as they searched for the little surprises.

I was sad to send this one off, but I was thrilled it was going somewhere that it would be loved!  I hope you are still enjoying your pillow, Kelleigh!


Be creative and be blessed,



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