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About Honeyhill

I’m a wild and crazy girl with a passion for my family, my friends, and fabric.

I’m a “cup half full” person, I believe life is full of opportunities.

I don’t believe in fate, I believe in purpose.

I love to laugh and make others smile.

Babies make me melt.

My nickname is Kaki, but only a few peeps know why.

I am very sentimental, there can never be too many special moments in life.

All these things aside, my faith in God is the most important part of my life.

I’m a relatively new quilter, I learned to quilt about four years ago… almost by accident.  My grandmother was a very accomplished stitcher, she did every type of sewing and hand work you can imagine!  Some of my favorite memories as a child revolved around her crafts; playing games with her buttons, sorting all her yarn, pushing the pedal on her sewing machine and hearing the scissors glide across the table as she cut fabric.  I often longed to create beautiful things the way she did, but somehow I never could get the hang of it.

A few years ago I inherited some vintage quilt blocks from my grandmother that seemed to speak to me.  She had lovingly embroidered 16 blocks with plans to make a quilt.  She had carried them around with her for over 30 years, but never quite got around to making that quilt.

Being that my grandmother was at the end of her time on this Earth, I felt the overwhelming need to do something to preserve her work and to finish what she started.  Thus began the journey that would bless me in ways I never imagined.  I didn’t know it would be a journey full of cherished memories, I just thought i was learning to sew.  At the end of that journey I walked away a quilter, and I walked away understanding why my grandmother made things with her hands.

Be creative and Be blessed!