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I Spy a Pretty Pillow

This is a fun little pillow I made for a friend of mine in the Bee a Modern Swapper group. She is such a fun loving person and she’s also a Special Education teacher.  Having worked with at risk youth in my local church, I admire anyone who dedicates their life to helping children with […]

Twin Squares Quilts…the Same But Different

When I found out that my beautiful niece Pam and her sweet husband Alfredo would be having a baby,  I was thrilled for them… but then when I found out that the were having TWO BABIES…one boy and one girl…I found myself praising God for His faithfulness!!!  God blesses those that bless Him, and that’s […]

Fancy Pants Friday::Cookies and Quilting

there are so many images we see on a daily basis that remind us of quilting.  for instance, when i make a sandwich for lunch i am reminded of the process of making a quilt sandwich.  bread/mustard/ham translate in my mind to quilt top/spray basting/batting.  you have to get everything lined up just right or […]

Fancypants Friday

hey, ya’ll, it FANCYPANTS FRIDAY!!!  welcome to the first friday where we set aside a day to celebrate things that are…well, FANCY. Because we all need a little inspiration towards the end of the week, we will begin ringing in the weekend with a weekly blog highlighting all the fancy things that get our wheels […]