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bernie + sewing = sanity!

Hooooray!!!  I got to sew today!!!  I’m going to make it; both literally and figuratively. My precious Bernie has a problem with her guts, and she’s been in the machine hospital for a week.  A WHOLE WEEK!!  It’s been a long and stressful week at the cube farm, and knowing my Bernie and I weren’t […]

girfriend blocks

i just had to share these cuties with you!  i made them for one of my on-line quilting bees, Simply Modern Bee 2.  wendi wanted improv blocks that look like girls, she even created a tutorial to show us how it’s done.   go to her blog and check it out, they are actually quite fun […]

Slashin’ and Mashin’::with Vespas!

i joined a new bee this month, The Aqua and Orange Bee, and i’m ever so excited!!!!  we use aqua and orange fabric to make fresh and modern quilt blocks.  we send each other fabric and we receive completed quilt block in return. picture an envelope of luscious aqua and orange fabric arriving in your […]

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