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tula pink’s prince charming giveaway at craizee corners

do you like modern fabric designs that draw you in? do you like bright colors and whimsical prints? do you like giveaways? yes, yes, yes, you say? well, get your buns over to Craizee Corners and check out Sha’s giveaway for this month’s Designer of Month Series.  Sha will give you the full details on […]

help needed…seperation anxiety

Am I the only person that has separation anxiety when it comes to modern fabric?  am i a collector or a hoarder with my fabric collection? do i buy fabric because i’m “addicted” or because i’m really going to use it some day?  these are the thoughts that plague me when it comes to my […]

yummy hope valley and camera school

this week has been a productive one.  i chopped over 400 Hope Valley tumbler blocks for a little project i have planned, i completed and mailed all of my bee blocks for June, i packaged up 12 envelopes of aqua and orange bits to send out to my Aqua & Orange bee buddies, i sewed […]

my love affair with aqua and orange.

yes, i have a confession today, i’ve been looking at another.  there’s this color combination i just can’t seem to get enough of these days…AQUA AND ORANGE, i just can’t take my eyes off of you, baby!!!  for months now you have haunted me, and now my patience is paying off.  good girls don’t always […]

girfriend blocks

i just had to share these cuties with you!  i made them for one of my on-line quilting bees, Simply Modern Bee 2.  wendi wanted improv blocks that look like girls, she even created a tutorial to show us how it’s done.   go to her blog and check it out, they are actually quite fun […]

super productive week!

i am so excited to tell you that the last two weeks have been awesome! i am making great strides in my recovery, and this means I have been able to increase my sewing time a bit every few days.  PTL!!! it feels so good to be back in the saddle again and doing something […]

permanent bling and opportunity

today’s Fancypants Friday is a little different, but sometimes different is good.  a few years ago i had a fancy salsa red vw bug that i loved way too much.  it was the cutest and happiest car that i ever had.  then one day the fancy bug got smashed, and a journey down the path […]

i’m still alive…well sorta!

where, oh where, did kaki go??? i’ve been enjoying those last few moments of childhood with the baby boy. we did this: and this: and this: and this: i love this boy!  he’s a mama’s boy, he’s sweet, he’s smart, he’s talented, he’s smokin’ hot, and he loves me just right!!! being away from the […]

Fancy Pants Friday::Cookies and Quilting

there are so many images we see on a daily basis that remind us of quilting.  for instance, when i make a sandwich for lunch i am reminded of the process of making a quilt sandwich.  bread/mustard/ham translate in my mind to quilt top/spray basting/batting.  you have to get everything lined up just right or […]

Slashin’ and Mashin’::with Vespas!

i joined a new bee this month, The Aqua and Orange Bee, and i’m ever so excited!!!!  we use aqua and orange fabric to make fresh and modern quilt blocks.  we send each other fabric and we receive completed quilt block in return. picture an envelope of luscious aqua and orange fabric arriving in your […]