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yummy hope valley and camera school

this week has been a productive one.  i chopped over 400 Hope Valley tumbler blocks for a little project i have planned, i completed and mailed all of my bee blocks for June, i packaged up 12 envelopes of aqua and orange bits to send out to my Aqua & Orange bee buddies, i sewed […]

girfriend blocks

i just had to share these cuties with you!  i made them for one of my on-line quilting bees, Simply Modern Bee 2.  wendi wanted improv blocks that look like girls, she even created a tutorial to show us how it’s done.   go to her blog and check it out, they are actually quite fun […]

Lovin’ Me Some Bees

wow, i don’t know about you, but this past week has been crazier than ever for me!  it seemed like time slipped away from me all week, however i did manage to get a little bit of flickering and a little bit of sewing in. since i don’t know anyone personally that shares my love […]